Hank Czerwick's Gray Model G Hank Czerwick's Gray Model G

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Hank says.....

Here are some photos of my Gray Model G.
The serial number is 4311. It has the wick type main bearings
I got this engine from a gentleman named John Bell.
He was active in the Early Engine Club of Dearborn which I was also active in while growing
up. This engine sat under a bench for about 20 years I'm told before I got it. I cleaned the check
valve, added fuel and a squirt of starting fluid and it started on the first pull.

I've been told that the Gray Factory burned down in 1916. After they re built they did not produce
any more "Farm Engines". Some farm engines were sold by Gray after 1916 but these were
actually built by Nelson Bros. in Saginaw, MI under contract and they did not have the Gray Name
cast into the side of the water hopper.

I wonder if that old John Deere starts on the first pull too?

"Hanks Retort"........

The tractor in the background is an Oliver 70, not a John Deere,
and, Yes it does start on the first push of the button.
One of the many Oliver Firsts . . . Electric Start.

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