The Men in GRAY

The Men in GRAY

The Man

Ora James Mulford

Gray Motor Company President

Born: 8 September 1868
At: Monroe, Ohio
Died: 2 August 1943
At: Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan
Buried: 4 Aug 1943
At: Roseland Park Cem., Berkley, MI
Married: Evelyn Moiselle Willett
Children: John Willetts Mulford
Born: 12 November 1902
Died: 2 Jun 1964
At: Detroit, Wayne County, MI
Detroit, Michigan Directory, 1890

Name: Ora J Mulford
Business Name: Michigan Street Car Advertising Company
Occupation: Manager
Location: RMS 68 Alexandrine Avenue West
City: Detroit State: MI Year: 1890 - 1891

Michigan Gallery of Pen Sketches
Printed by W. Graham Printing Co., 1905
Page 389


1920 Federal Census
Ora Mulford lived at Parke Place Avenue,
Detroit, Wayne Co. MI
Ora was age 50, his Wife Evelyn, age 40, and Son John, age 17.
Ora was born in Michigan, as was his father and mother.
His Occupation is shown as "President of Motor Works"

1930 Federal Census
Son John Mulford is shown living in Grosse Pointe, Wayne Co. Michigan
with wife Cynthia, and daughter Jean. John's Occupation is "President of Advertisement Company"
Ora, while alive somewhere in 1930, is not to be found. Perhaps he was retired, and living abroad.

Behind the Scenes

Laurens Hammond
Gray Motor Company Chief Engineer
& Organ Extraordinaire !

Extracted from The Hammond Story

Looks like we're talking about "The" Laurens Hammonds, who crafted electric
organs sold throughout the world. Laurens was happily working at the
McCord Radiator Company in Detroit, Michigan, come 1914, and WW I, which put some leaks
in his core routine. Off to France he went, compliments of the U.S. Army.
Upon his return to America, Laurens began a two-year period of employment as
Chief Engineer at the Gray Motor Company in Detroit, Michigan.
Unfortunately, Laurens Hammonds went off to make his millions for Hammond Organ Company,
not the GRAY Motor Company!

Anyway, If someone say's that the sound of their GRAY engine is "Music to his ears",
Laurens Hammonds probably tuned it up before it left the Gray Motor Company factory.

Antony R. Prain

Gray Motor Company Machinist

From the article

Cpl. Edington's Doughboy Buddies

Prain, Anthony R. 2171724 Born May 16th, 1895 Detroit, Michigan to Anthony Prain
and Elizabeth (Hildebrande) Prain both of Detroit Michigan. His occupation previous to
entering the Army was a Machinist at the Gray Motor Company.
After the War Prian returned to his former employer at the Gray Motor Company
Prain entered the Army at Columbus Barracks in Ohio December 13th, 1917 as a private.
He was transferred to Camp Grant, Illinois December 23rd, 1917 into Company #10
Ordnance Department. Was moved to Camp Dodge Iowa February 12th, 1918. Moved
to Camp Merritt, New Jersey on March 6th, 1918 with Co. "B" 1st Battalion
American Ordnance Base. Sailed to France aboard the transport USS Henry R.
Mallory with the 1st Battalion American Ordnance Base. Arrived Bordeaux,
France March 27th, 1918. Camp Ganacart, France March 28th, 1918 and then
Camp Williams. Moved to the Advanced Ordnance Depot #1 April 5th, 1918.
Detached Service to the British Arsenal April 20th, 1918. Moved to Limoges,
France May 20th, 1918. Sailed for home abroad the USS Radnor with the 26th
Co. Ordnance Casual Company May 10th, 1919. Arrived in United States May
24th, 1919 at Pier #4 Bush Terminal at 10:25 am Was discharged from the army.

GRAY Motor Company Secretary and Treasurer

David Gray


A 1908 Biographical Dictionary of Leading Living Men of the City of Detroit

Page 196

GRAY, David; born, Detroit, Jan. 20, 1870; son of John S. and Anna (Hayward)
Gray; educated in public schools of Detroit; married, Detroit, May 16, 1894,
Martha L. Platt. Began active career as clerk in Preston National Bank,
1888; treasurer Gray, Toynton & Fox, 1889; secretary and treasurer Gray
Motor Co. since 1905.
Vice president Detroit Leather Specialty Co.; director
Ford Motor Co. Republican. Member Disciples of Christ (church); Detroit
Board of Commerce. Clubs: Country, Boat, Racquet, Automobile, Motor Boat,
Boat Club Yachtsman. Recreations: Automobiling, motor boating, golf. Office:
Lieb and Larned Sts. Residence: 165 Parker Av.

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