GRAY Motor Company History

GRAY Motor Company History

GRAY Motor Company..... Where are you?

People have wondered if any of the original GRAY Motor Company
buildings still exist. So far, none have been found, but if you know of
any, please let us know!
Hank Czerwick went on a vacation in Detroit, MI, and did a little looking
around. Here's what he had to say......

"So, home finally. I had found the Leib street adresses
before I left for Detroit. Although Leib street shows
up on mapquest the street unfortunatly dosen't exist
anymore. It's just gone! The part running off of
Larned Street was developed in the late 60's early
70's and is now a Fire Department. The other section
of the street that mapquest shows by the river, where
you think the manufacture of marine engines would be
has also been developed and is just not there. I would
suspect sometime in the late 70's early 80's. Hard to
tell where exactly the street was there, it's possibly
either a Coast Guard facility for buay's or part of a
UAW building. Go a block or two either direction and
there are plenty of buildings from the turn of the
last century like the Gray building would have been.
Brick Streets with rail sidings running down the
center of them as was popular in that time frame.
Did not have the Mack Ave Address though. That might
have been difficult to find as at some point in time
the entire numbering sequence in Detroit was re done.
Leib street being only a couple of blocks long would
have been easy if it had still been there. Maybe next
time I go back I'll take a look on Mack Ave!

Sorry that I didn't have something cool to report with some photos!

1929 Motor Boat Magazine article
Submitted by Paul Gray

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