Ralph Golightly's GRAY

Ralph Golightly's GRAY Engine

Ralph Says ~

It's Good to hear that there are other Gray engine owners out there.
The gray that I have is probably a 4 hp, dual flywheel horizontal hit and
miss engine with "Gray Motor Company" cast into the side of the water hopper.
There are several parts missing, most notably all of the governor assy.
I have the ability to cast new parts, if only I had, or could borrow the
needed parts to use as patterns. Maybe you know of someone who would be
willing to loan me the needed parts.
(I would be willing to pay a nominal fee for the use of the parts)
Anyway, maybe one of these days there will be another Gray up and running.
Thanks, Ralph Golightly

Ralph Golightly
1805 Anderson Rd
Gadsden AL 35901

If anyone can help Ralph out, please Email him
or contact him with the information above.

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