George T. Martin 4 H.P. Gray

George T. Martin's 4 h.p. GRAY(s)

From Pete Stauffer ~

This person replied by mail to Bill Hash's question in the Reflection column of
Gas Engine Magazine 1994. This letter was sent to Bill in January of 1995,
so it's a bit old. A I have is a snail-mail address, but it might be worth a try. So here it is:

George T. Martin
RT 2 Box 2420
Wyaconda MO 63474-9539
Phone 816-479-5477

George told Bill in the letter that his two 4 hp GRAYs have serial numbers #1881 and #31344.


I wrote Mr. Martin a letter, and received this reply.......

I'm one of the older engine collectors. Have been at it for about 40 years
Checked my record book and have owned about 400 engines at one time or another
Still have a little over 200. Can't help you much on the GRAY engines. Traded the 31344
(Serial #31344, 4 h.p. GRAY) to a man in IL. by the name of Gray. Still have the (Serial #) 1881 4 h.p.
which has the name GRAY cast in the side of the hopper. Also have a large 24 h.p. GRAY
marine engine, 2 cylinder, 2 cycle, Serial # 124 (t or 7) 20092. Also GRAY? 1 1/2 h.p.
(serial # ) 5998, and GRAY? 1 1/2 h.p. (Serial #) 2222.

Have a set of 6 (1 1/2 to 12 h.p.) Model "E" Economys, also a set of
6 Sparts Economys, 1 to 10 h.p. , plus many others.
If you are ever down this way stop in. Am in N.E. corner of Missouri,
near the Iowa and Illinois state line.
T. Martin

George Martin
RR 2 Box 2420
Wyaconda MO 63474-9539

George included with his letter a photo of one of his "Sandow" engines,
and a business card. He says about the "Sandows" ~

" Have 19 of these in all. Same engines except for name, color,
and some have different water hoppers. Each thruck is a different native wood."

If anyone gets to George's "neck of the woods", stop in a take some photos of his
GRAY engines for me! I don't want to make a habit of posting "non- GRAY" engine photos
and information on this website (even I love all old iron), but decided that anyone
who has collected 400 gas engines in his life time, deserves a break!

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