Finland GRAY Motor Company Engine

Elisa's Uncle's
GRAY engine ~ in Finland

Elisa says ~
Dear Sir, Could you please help me a little,
I understand nothing about these engines...

The thing is, my uncle has found this rusty old engine lying somewhere
(we live in Finland, near St. Michael) and now he and his buddies have
decided it's cool and everything. They just don't know what on earth it is,
so my uncle got the idea that I'd "find it in the Internet".

Searching with google I have found your pages with pictures of other similar-looking
engines and I kindly ask for your help with this engine.
(Two photographies of the engine are attached.)
Maybe you can identify it and tell what it is for an engine.
Your help would be very appreciated!

Elisa K.

Notice the optional magneto mounted behind the splash guard.
The magneto mount is part of the splash guard, and appears
identical to Bob Turner's GRAY splash guard
& engine, that resides in New Zealand.

Perhaps many export engines were ordered with the optional magneto?

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