Roland Finkenbinder's

Model G & Marvel
Gray Engines

Roland Says ~
I don't have any decent photos of my engines. They are both disassembled right now.
I took parts off to get cast for other guys and haven't got them back together.
They are both 1-1/2 or 1-3/4, I'm not sure what they were actually rated at.
One has the name on one side of the hopper and one is plain. Both have 2 gov. weights
in the flywheel and the big Gray speed adjusting screw. I made up a pattern for the
mixer, but the other parts I just use the original parts for patterns---That's why they
are still not back together, I got pieces cast for several different guys. Original parts
are getting hard to find and I know I am repairing engines that were considered parts
engines just a few years ago. I also got several steel pieces with a knob on top that will
duplicate the speed screw almost exactly. I haven't had time to machine these yet.
I just got patterns for the 1 hp muffler and crank guard, and may get some other parts later.
I had a guy that I know in Arkansas make me 2 new gas tanks. Mine were completely gone.
I have had recast the mixer, governor parts,crank guard and muffler for myself and several
other guys. Neither are running yet---always other projects that get in the way.
They are nice little engines.

I checked the #s on my engines. The Marvel is #10169---stamped on top of the head. It has oil
wells on the mains and 2 governor weights with a collar and the large speed change screw
and no name on hopper. The model G was missing the head, so I had one recast. There is a raised
panel below the Gray name and model that is cast on one side of the hopper, but it
does not show any #s stamped there. ( I sanded it with fine sandpaper and still no #s ) This
engine has the same gov, oil wells and speed change as the other one. The only difference
I can see from the manual you have is that my mixer has the needle valve in a brass Y
shaped fitting that angles down from a raised boss cast on the J mixer instead of the
one that goes straight into the head just above where the J mixer screws in , as in the
manual illustration.

I would be willing to get any parts recast until I start putting my engines back together and
have them painted. I do have a permanent pattern for the mixer, so that would not be a problem.
Thanks ---- Roland Finkenbinder

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