Alan Fannin GRAY & Termaat ? Engines

Alan Fannin's GRAY & Termaat? Engines

From Alan ~

I have been collecting engines about 15 years and currently have 35 or so.
Many more that have been sold or traded. The GRAY and the T&M are a first
in that line. Can't tell you much about them except that the Gray will run
and the T&M needs some work. I need the small brass needle valve mixer that
goes in the head. It is just like the one on the Gray. The governor for the
T&M has some recast parts and they need some minor machine work and installed.
I think it will run.
The serial numbers look like this, The 2 1/2 GRAY number is cast in
the head at the 2 o'clock position, looks like # 21447, not positive on the
second 4, The T&M, if that is what the engine is, is stamped in the head
just above the spark plug #411423

Nice engines Alan. I wonder if the gear on the GRAY
was for a pump jack?

UPDATE - GRAY 2-1/2 hp
Sold to Mike Stockard February 2007

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