The Gray Motor Company 1 1/2 h.p. GRAY Model J

As Seen on Ebay ~ Summer of 2003

Wonder who owns this little beauty now?

Seller - miniram

I am listing a Gray model "J" 1 1/2 h.p. hit and miss engine.
It has spark plug ignition and was manufactured about 1914.
It is mounted on a four-wheeled easily steerable oak truck with cast iron
wheels for easy transport. I used a 6 volt battery with a buzz coil to fire the spark plug ignition.
The nicely pin- striped oak battery box is a fitting compliment to the well kept and striped paint job
on the engine. with the oversized governor weights and the easily operated speed control, you can run
this little babe very slowly if desired. These early Gray engines didn't use grease in the
crank bearing journals. They used felt wadding lubricated with oil as is found in this engine.
The built-in flywheel crank starter makes it easy to start. This early model
doesn't have the raised lettering on the water hopper as some models have.
I have seen other Grays without the raised lettering. They were equipped with a brass tag starting
their Gray mfg. Unfortunately, I don't have the brass tag for this engine,
it was removed some years before I acquired it. This is a nice little engine to power
a corn cracker or sheller at an engine show.
It runs good and looks good also

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