GRAY 2 3/4 h.p. Engine

Dunstable, MA

2 3/4 h.p. GRAY

Alan Wait sighted a GRAY engine this May. I'm jealous
twice over..... first, that he actually has been to an engine show
already this Spring, and second, that he seen a GRAY engine!

Would the owner of this GRAY please come forward?

Alan Wait Says~
I Saw a 2 3/4 h.p. GRAY for sale at the Dunstable MA show Sunday.
It had the same hopper top as Allen Asher's that is pictured on your list.
It has Serial # 2.75 G 8018

The owner says ~
I torn it down before taking any pictures. But once its reassembled, I can
send some images. This engine looks exactly like Serial #3G9566, (Sonny's) mine is
2.75G8018. It has the same dull red/orange color. That is, the primer, or what is left
after the dark red is worn or wire brushed off. I have a couple spots or red.
The engine is pretty complete. I need to replace an exhaust valve. I already
repaired the exhaust lever. The piston was stuck. It's out now, and the bore
is honed. The bore cleaned up excellent. I have the cast crank guard and
the cover over the crank end. Also the original rod oiler. The cylinder oiler is
missing. I put on an lunkenheimer. I need to seal the gas tank. I made
some new skids and purchased pine for a battery box. All in all, shaping up to be
a nice engine. I never paint an original engine, so that less work for me
on this one.
Regards, Anonymous

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