Lee Dunham Gray Engine

Lee Dunham's GRAY Engine

Lee says ~

Hi I bought this engine in 2008. I heard that their was going to be a large action
just south of Black Creek, Wis. So I went, and now I have a hit and miss engine.
I was fascinated by these engines since I was a young boy.
Now I have a "Hit & Miss", but want to know more about it. It has a brass tag on it,
that reads "Restored by Russell Ginnow in 1967"
I believe it a GRAY engine, but no name on hopper, so maybe a Termaat & Monahan.
I was told that Russell Ginnow lived in Oshkosh. I brought the engine home,
cleaned up a little, put in gas, grease, oil, and it started right up.
I don't have a muffler for it but the neighbors think it is neat to hear it run!
I would like to hear from anyone that has information.

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