The Gray Motor Company

Dick Staats of Montana

GRAY 4 h.p. Thoroughbred Model G

Dick says........

" I believe my Gray is a 1908-1910 vintage because of the governor.
My Gray is very scarse because the Governor is in the cam gear. All the
parts were missing, and I had to fabricate them. It runs ok, but I would like
to someday find the correct parts from an engine that's "out there", so I may
duplicate them.
My 4 h.p. had bad valves. I had to do some custom maching. I bought valves
with 3/8" stems, and threaded the stems, then turned down the
valve portion to the correct diameter, and lapped them in.
My Gray engine serial number is G2648
It has "Oil Wick" style main bearing lubrication.

Dick Staat is the fine engine restorer on the left.
I can only hope that I'll have a herd of engines like that some day!
Say Dick ~ Is that snow I see in them mountains?

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