Bill Decker 4 h.p. Model G Gray

Bill Decker's 4 h.p. Model G GRAY

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Bill Says ~

I have a 4hp Model G from what I'm told.
I purchased this engine at a consignment sale in Pennsylvania.
It was rigged with a Marvel Schebler carb like the kind found on tractors.
I have since been able to get a carb for it, but believe the one
I have is for a smaller hp engine as it is only 3/4" pipe thread instead of 1".
It currently has a Lunkenheimer mixer on it. My engine has
oil wick mains, governor weights on the outside of the flywheel, and the
oiler is piped in from the top of the hopper. It also had a small oiler on
the connecting rod for lubrication. I didn't know if this was correct or if
it gave adequate lubrication, so I replaced it with a grease cup. The piston
had to be turned due to wear to the lands and grooves. I had Rob Charles
from Ringos, N.J. due this work for me. He also made the fuel inlet and
needle valve for the mixer I purchased from Ken Meeks since it was missing.
I did have the engine running briefly when I put the Lunkenheimer on and
hope to have it running again soon with the new mixer.
It has a wet head which had been repaired on the top and bottom so I decided to
find another one for it. I ended up purchasing a head and carb from Ken Meeks.
Upon close examination of the original head, I was able to make out the last 4 digits of
the serial # 8067. The current head has no serial number on it which I find interesting.
Bill Decker

The GRAY as it looked when first purchased with repaired head
and with the Marvel Schebler carburator on it.

The GRAY as it currently looks with replacement head and Lunkenheimer mixer

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