Dave Briffa GRAY Automobile

Dave & Dianne Briffa's
GRAY Automobile

from Down Under

The GRAY Motor Company of Detroit, Michigan, just didn't make
stationary and marine engines!

Here's proof that they made some fine looking automobiles,
albeit for a short period in time, between the years 1922 to 1926.

Lady's and Gentlemen.......... This is the story of Dianne and Dave's
1924 GRAY Automobile. It's really interesting that this rare
automobile, and it's parts donners survived, but facinating that
they reside "Down Under" in sunny Australia!

Here's Dave's Story.......

The gentleman in the photo is Neil Christiansen , (my father in law) he finished
restoring the car in 1983. Neil found the car in 1975 on a farm at a place called
Harrisville about 20 miles from where he lived in Ipswich. It was in pretty bad shape,
but as luck would have it he found another one a short time later and managed to make
one out of the two. He also found another engine plus some more body panels over the years
and was in the process of restoring another Gray which is about 60%
complete before he became ill and passed away in April 2004.
Dianne my wife is the oldest of Neil and Gloria's six children. Gloria passed away in August 2003.
It is very difficult to find information on the history of the Gray Company.
What information I have found on the net is a little confusing. I am trying to work out the connections,
sequence, relationship etc between Gray Motor company, Gray carriages, Gray marine, Gray Dort etc etc.

If anyone can enlighten me on any of this it would be greatly appreciated.
Have a good day.

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