Chris Curtis Gray 4 hp

Chris Curtis' 4 hp GRAY

Chris from Ohio Says ......

Here are some pics of my 4 HP GRAY that I bought from Marti Huck. Ser. no 4.4001.4.
This did not run when I got it but after several hours of cleaning, a valve job and some
adjustments it fired up and runs good at about 125 RPM. The gas tank is rusted out so
I am using my temporary beer bottle fuel tank that you see in the picture.
I used a dremel tool with a diamond bit to drill a hole in the beer bottle then used JB weld
to epoxy a pipe fitting in the hole. I had this on another engine at one time and actually convinced
some less knowledgeable folks at a show that the engine was running on beer!

(another use found for JB Weld!)

I asked Chris if this engine was the same one shown on Marti Huck's page
and he replied.....

It is in fact the same engine. When I got it it had been sitting outside with a heavy coat of grease
and dirt and actually looked a little like it had been baked on from a fire or something.
After several hours of soaking in degreaser and hitting it hard with the pressure washer all that junk
you see in his pictures came of and revealed some of the original paint that I further enhanced with a light
coat of linseed oil. Speaking of color- the block is red but the flywheels show slight traces of a dark grayish
green down in the corners and sand pits. There is nothing to lead me to believe that they were ever repainted.
Ever see this color scheme on a GRAY before?

Okay guys, What do you think about the "Green" on GRAY theory?
It was mentioned once before by Dave Wachter.

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