Chris Johnson GRAY 2 Cycle Engine

Chris Johnson's
GRAY 2 Cycle Stationary Engine

Chris says ~

Here are some pictures of my GRAY 4 hp, 2 cycle stationary.
Serial number 04R3809.
It is a stationary engine with a governor and spoked fly wheel.
I haven't seen one like it, have you? What can tell me about it?
The person I bought it from said they had it on a binder and
when they started into some wet material where it
had to work hard it would backfire and start the other
direction and throw the grain out the wrong way, so they pulled the
engine off and did not run it. I had a fun time restoring it but don't
know much about it.
I have asked about this before.. these 2 cycle
motors must have been something they tried to sell when the
stationary motor business was very busy. I would like to know if
these motors where before the 4cycle or at the same time.
It doesn't make sense to me why they would try to make a marine
engine a stationary motor if the 4 cycle was around. I seen one picture
of one like this that had a manufactured base with a built in water
jacket... that would be something to get a hold of one of those.
These motors will run good but are temperamental and at
low rpm the water pump has a hard time keeping the top of the
cylinder cool. The variable timing makes it easy to back fire and run
the other direction. I don't think they where much of a hit as a
stationary motor or there would be more of them around. As a
marine engine where they had lots of cold water to use and could run
forward and backward and are easy to start, I think they where good.
I am looking for any info on these motors somebody might know about them
Thanks, Chris Johnson

PS - I live in Lehi, Utah and would love to hear about these motors

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