Leonard Carver GRAY engines

Leonard Carver's GRAY engines

I met Mr. Carver at the Boe estate auction in Hatton, ND
the last day of July, 04. We were ogling over the field of old
one lungers, big and small, and naturally I turned the conversation
over to "GRAY" engines. There were none at the auction, but
Mr. Carver confessed to owning some GRAY's back home in
Missouri. I then learned of his old engine parts casting business.
Mr. Carver, a very nice gentleman, is not connected to the wide world web,
but is appears that he is well connected to casting parts.

Leonard's words ~
None of my engines are for sale! I collect for myself.
I looked for 6 to 8 years before getting my first GRAY.
I got tired of red and green engines, so painted my GRAYs, "Grey".
The muffler on the 1 hp GRAY is original. The muffler on the 1 3/4 hp
I cast from brass. The gas tank I made from brass.... I like brass!
I cast all kinds of parts..... governor weights, mufflers, rocker arms,
plaques, hopper covers, etc. Trucks are homemade by me.
All my castings are brass..... at least they don't break like cast iron.
If anybody needs a part I have, I will pull them off my engines and
cast them in brass.... painted, you can't tell them from iron.

Enclosed is a list of items we cast.
(Sorry guys, but the list is too long for me to type out, but I'm sure Mr. Carver
would be happy to send you a list if you give him a call.
Some of the items on the list are........

Brass Hopper Covers

$15.00 each, plus shipping
For Associated to Worthington engines, including 23 other makes in
the engine alphabet - in a bunch of horse power sizes!


Solid brass, with brass bolts

Mufflers, mufflers, mufflers... Maytags, Associated, Nelson Bros., Fairbanks Morse,
Fuller Johnson, Dempster, Hercules, Economy, Rock Island, IHC, R&V, Sandwich,
Sattley, Witte, Waterloo, Universal cone and ball types.
Price ranges from $15.00 to $35.00.
GRAY 1hp, 1 1/2 hp & 1 3/4hp mufflers, $25.00 ea.

Also cast

are various rocker arms, brackets, truck handles, crank guards,
babbit bearings, choke plates, and wheels in several sizes.

Carver's Castings also cast plaques for engines, 2" x 7 1/2", with 5/8" letters.
Any name up to 10 letters long.

Nice Low tension coils available at $25.00 each.

And lastly, Carver Castings
can cast parts from your patterns in brass, or aluminum only.

Leonard Carver's GRAY's

Just Purchased at the Nixon Auction in Waverly, Iowa
1 hp GRAY - embossed hopper - Serial Number 43 / 552 / 1

1 hp GRAY - embossed hopper - Original muffler - Serial Number 41694

1 1/2 hp GRAY - embossed hopper - Serial Number 7298 - No Photo

1 3/4 hp GRAY - tag on front hopper - Serial Number 427792

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