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GRAY 4 hp Engine

David Says ~ Thank you for your web site about Gray engines.
I recovered one from a farm tip about 17 years ago and
have now started rebuilding it. Your web site has been excellent
in providing me with information about Gray engines and I had
not realised that their stationary engines predate 1920.
Mine appears to be a 4hp hit and miss. It still has the fittings for
battery ignition but may have been run with a magneto as there is
an extra chain gear on the crank shaft.
I hope to return it to original battery ignition.
My major mystery is the serial number which reads 5G18605 or 5G186061.
The last 1 is faint and may not be part of the number. All the serial
numbers on your site read 4G and you have nothing listed with 5G.
Bore size and fly wheel dimensions match those for a 4hp.
Do you have any insight into the 5G numbering?
The base of mine has been smashed across the front and repaired
with bronze welding. I noticed that another you had pictures for on
your site had been similarly repaired.

I recovered it with a transport which is not like the ones in the catalogue
and may not be original. My transport it very unusual in that the main
supports running lengthwise, angle in at about 30 degrees from back to front.
My contacts hear have not seen one like it.

I have attached a few photos.

Update - May 2011

Sometime ago I informed you about a 4hp Gray Thoroughbred that I was in the
process of restoring to life. You subsequently listed it on your web site.
I am pleased to say that the process has now been completed. Ignition was a
bit of a hassle until I decided to return it to spark ignition powered by a
T Model Ford buzz coil and a 12 volt lantern battery. Now runs very reliably
and recently I even ventured out and had it on display at the local old
engine rally. I also wrote up the story of the restoration and had that
published in the December 2010 edition of TOMM. Sorry about the muffler.
I will get a more original one at some stage.
I have attached a few photos for those interested. I call it a 1915 vintage
but if anyone can give me a better date estimate that would be appreciated.

Nice Restoration David!

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