Jim's Bieber Gray Engine

Jim's 2-1/2 hp GRAY Engine

Jim Say's ~
I canít really read the serial number.
I spent the whole winter tracking down parts for it.
A man name Jeff in Md. sent me parts to recast.
Most everything is completed on engine now.
The only thing I havnít been able to find out is the true color.
I really like this engine, and it starts real easy.
It's the only one in my area that I know about.

My completed engine at first show of the year.
It took a while getting all the right parts but now itís
done and runs good.

UPDATE July 2012

My newest GRAY ~

Itís a 4 h.p. dry head, Serial 4-4103-4. It needs an exhaust valve, and other than that, loosing it up.

September 2013
Another GRAY Engine!

"Jim Says" ~ this is my latest GRAY, serial # 13833
It has a 3 1/2 in. piston and the flywheels are 16 in. Iím am in need of a flywheel for
the governor side. Someone drove the gibb key and broke the outside hub.

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