Allen Asher GRAY Engines Allen Asher's
GRAY Wizzard 2 3/4 h.p.
& 4 h.p Model G Wet Head

Doug Kiefer Says --

I am only the go between for the fellow that
actually owns the Gray engines. He doesn't have Internet access, so I
have been looking for information and parts on his behalf.

The man that owns the engines is Allen Asher, in
Port Maitland, Ontario, Canada.

He has two Gray engines. One is a 2 3/4 hp Wizard hot head engine that
does not seem to have a serial number. It says Gray Motor Co. Detroit on
the side. The other engine he has is a 4hp Model G wet head,
Serial # 28045. They were bought in Welland, Ontario.

Allan has a reprint of an original catalogue of Gray Work Engines that
helped to identify the engines that he has. It says that is a reprint by
Jean Metcalf, Ashtabula, OH with the date 1999. No other information
about where to get one of the catalogues.

GRAY Wizzard 2 3/4 h.p.

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