Tom's 5GO Onan Restoration

1947 5GO Onan Restoration

I purchased this Onan generator a few years ago
for a retirement project.
I have about five months time into it now, working off and on.
The serial number de-codes it as a 1947 vintage.
It's powered by a Continental Y-91 four cylinder engine.
This is what it looked like when I purchased it.

The disassembly -

The back side of the panel. Radiator, grill, gas tank, etc. removed.

The generator before & during removal.

Head Removal - Lots of carbon!

Bottom side of engine

Clean up, wire repair, & new toggle switches were required on the panel.
The "Start Disconnect Relay" & box being refurbished.

Engine and Panel refurbished, and back on the frame

Paint stripped from radiator & back on the unit

Push the "START" button to see it running!

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